Zennox Air Purifier

Zennox Air Purifier

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  • HEPA type filter; Filters 90 per cent of dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, odours, mould spores and pet dander, and also kills bacteria
  • Effective; Perfect for people with allergies, asthma, coughs and anyone who needs to improve their air quality
  • Lightweight and quiet; Perfect for moving from room to room and won’t disturb your sleep as it is virtually inaudible
  • Modern design; Sleek and stylish white design with blue LED light, perfect for use in your home or office
  • Easy operation; Simple to use; with just the push of a button you can choose from 2 different modes, low or high

Zennox Air Purifier

This must-have air purifier from Zennox will clean the air in your home or office, perfect for those with allergies or asthma, or to generally improve the quality of air.

Homes and offices trap bacteria and odours, so using the HEPA type filter will filter up to 90% of dust, pollen, cigarette odours, pet dander and mould spores. It will not only improve your air quality but it will also help eliminate odours such as cigarettes or cooking smells, to prevent them clinging to your furniture.

It has two different modes, high or low, depending on your requirements. This can be changed easily with the push of a button. The purifier is also virtually inaudible so won’t affect your sleep, like older models of air purifiers.

The stylish, white and modern design will go perfectly with any home or office, it also features a blue LED light when in use.

We recommend that you clean or replace the filter periodically to maintain performance.

Dimensions: D19 x H17.8cm
Weight: 0.9kg
Power cord length: 186cm
Voltage: 12V DC
Rated power: <8W
Max airflow: 16CFM
HEPA type filter efficiency: 90%
Most effective 3-4 feet off the floor

G2814 - Zennox Air Purifier


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