Zennox Plug-in 32 Chimes Door Chime

Zennox Plug-in 32 Chimes Door Chime

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  • Large wireless range; Up to 120 metres in open space, it will also transmit through walls and ceiling so you never miss a visitor
  • 32 chimes; Choose from 32 different chimes to suit you at the push of a button
  • Waterproof bell push; Can install the transmitter outside for convenient use
  • Flashing transmitter button; Will alert you to someone ringing the bell push, perfect for people with impaired hearing, the receiver will also flash to let the visitor know it is working
  • Easy installation; Just plug in the door chime and mount the bell push with the double-sided adhesive pad or screw it into the wall

Zennox Plug-in 32 Chimes Door Chime

Never miss a visitor again with this innovative plug-in doorbell set from Zennox. It includes a portable plug-in chime and a slimline bell push, with 32 different tones and melodies to choose from at the push of a button. Completely wireless, you can plug in the receiver anywhere within your home, or even move it from room to room to make sure you never miss the doorbell again.

Large Wireless Range
The doorbell can be positioned up to 120 metres from the chime and transmits through walls and ceilings. Simply plug the receiver in, attach the bell push to the wall or door frame using the double sided adhesive pad and it’s ready to use. You can also adjust the volume to your desired level and a flashing light will emit from the chime to indicate that a visitor has arrived.

This brilliant door chime can be purchased with your choice of one or two receivers.

Receiver: L9 x W5 x H3cm
Weight: 35.5g
Transmitter: L8cm x W4 x W2.5cm
Weight: 28g

G3304 – Pack of 1 receiver
G3305 – Pack of 2 receivers


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